Cloud based development

As the size of the project grows, so does the complexity of the development.

Where once a server with an application was sufficient, today there are Kubernetes clusters, distributed systems and microservices.
In order to provide modern applications on the Internet in a fail-safe manner, we use the latest technologies and resources.
The deployment of modern, cloud-based applications on the platforms of well-known cloud providers is done via modern CI/CD pipelines.
This includes permanent quality monitoring of the source code, as well as the possibility to switch to different code versions at any time.

Our full service for cloud-based development

The provisioning and organization of services as Kubernetes clusters and in Docker containers ensures high performance and secure availability of the cloud-based applications provided.
Microservices access each other and provide corresponding services.
Whether Angular, PHP, C#, REACT, RUST or similar programming languages, we have mastered our craft and program reliable cloud-based applications of all sizes.

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