Hosting and SSL

Customized hosting packages for your projects!

We are happy to support you in making your online projects available. We advise you in the process of finding a suitable hosting solution.
From shared hosting to virtual and root servers to distributed cloud infrastructure in the Google Cloud, Azure or AWS.
We will find the optimal hosting solution for you and put together an all-inclusive package.

Encrypted connections are standard today. We secure your projects and your customers by using SSL certificates and monitor their validity. In good time before a certificate expires, we take care of a timely renewal in consultation with you. So you and your customers are always on the safe side.

Our services

  • We take care of the setup of the selected hosting solution and secure your server optimally against hacker attacks.
  • Permanent monitoring and supervised update management ensure the highest level of reliability.
  • Just in case, we keep a sound backup concept and secure your data on external data storage, separate from your server.
  • We keep backups for a longer period of time. This creates several backup versions that can be accessed quickly and securely.

How can we support you?

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