Bosch Collection / Kolibri Advertising Media

BOSCH, together with Kolibri Advertising Media distributes  incentive products through an online shop-platform both nationally and internationally. For instance, this gives workshop providers the opportunity to shop for products from BOSCH brand world online.


The presentation of the Online Shop must be true to the worldwide BOSCH Corporate Design. All orders are forwarded to the Fulfillment-Partner Kolibri Advertising Media and made available for processing in the product management. For payment purposes a connection to the online Telecash payment-interface is set up.


The online Shop is realized through an extension for TYPO3 developed by digital worx.
The maintenance of Customer and Product data occurs directly through the editorial system.
Furthermore, interfaces for data importing and exporting to fulfillment service provider are implemented.
For credit card and online direct debit payments the shop system is connected to Telecash internet-payment solution.


Mirko Ross - Managing Director - digital worx

Mirko Ross
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Managing director
+49 711 220 40 93 0

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