Heller Internet

HELLER Machines have a good reputation worldwide. The internet as information and service portal for internationally active machine builders plays a role that is becoming more and more significant.Furthermore is national and international internet presence provided and controlled via central editorial systems based on TYPO3.

Business Fact

Online Marketing on national and international markets via central Content-Management-System.

Customer Fact

HELLER has production sites all around the world in England, Brazil, USA and China. On all  relevant markets worldwide there are branch offices and representatives.

Tech Fact

Websites with Responsive Design based on TYPO3 CMS. Proxy-Server for controlling and distribution of  international websites.


National and international internet relaunch based on TYPO3  in German, English, Portuguese, and Chinese. The display and presentation of products and services are to appear by short click paths with the help of a product navigator. The new internet appearance should be optimized for search engines.


Consulting and design of the new structure and user interface of internet appearance by digital worx. Realization of the internet appearance based on Open Source editing system TYPO3. Continuous  maintenance and further development of contents and functions in accordance with internet editors of HELLER.


Mirko Ross - Managing Director - digital worx

Mirko Ross
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Managing director
+49 711 220 40 93 0

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