Connect Things and Create New

Control devices and machines using Apps anytime, anywhere – that is the Internet of Things with its unlimited possibilities. We let new worlds of applications and business processes arise.
Security and Usability remain our number one priority. 

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What options are there and how can they be sustainably achieved on Your company profile? We have the answers to Your questions relating to the Internet of Things. 
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Conception of the application development for controlling devices via the Internet and Cloud Services, adapted to Your business processes. 

Connection and Data Exchange

Using NFC, Smart BluetoothLoRa and WLAN


Is the most important segment  of application development today in the Internet of Things.
We are advisory security experts in international fora. 

Implementation and Realization

With Apps that are based on the most up-to-date technology.  


Via Server and/or Cloud Services of various providers, such as Azure, Google, Amazon, SAP


Sven Rahlfs - Managing Director - digital worx GmbH

Sven Rahlfs
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Managing Director
+49 711 2204093-0

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